Off-Campus Interview Opportunities

We are happy to offer a limited number of regional, in-person interviews as we travel to select locations around the country.  Interviews are not a required component of a Lafayette application; however, they are encouraged.  Please note:
  • Current seniors in high school and prospective transfer students are eligible for a regional interview.
  • Students are allowed one interview (on-campus, regional, virtual, CBO) during an admissions cycle.
  Check back here regularly.  Opportunities will be added to this list through the late summer and early fall as admissions officers finalize their travel plans.

To please find the event nearest you, click on the yellow dots on the map below or input your zip code or area of the country.  Click on the interview time for which you would like to register. If you cannot find an in-person interview in your area, a virtual interview is always an option. 


United States—California